Why is the prime minister of the UK, Boris Johnson going to resign?


Nicely, a bunch of causes, however this was the straw that broke the camel’s again:

A Tory MP, appropriately named Chris Pincher, has been suspended following allegations that he drunkenly groped 2 different MPs final week. Since then, 14 different allegations made towards him have been publicised. The response from Boris Johnson and 10 Downing Avenue has been pathetic.

First, Johnson stated he knew nothing about any allegations towards Pincher, however then a former civil servant quoted Johnson as having described Pincher as “Pincher by title, Pincher by nature. Johnson then stated he knew solely about rumours of Pincher’s behaviour, earlier than it then turned out that Johnson had been personally briefed on Pincher.

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Then, Downing Avenue insisted that whereas this was true, Pincher’s behaviour had already been investigated and the matter had been resolved. Then, nevertheless, a publicised letter from Lord McDonald, stated that the matter had been “resolved” within the sense that the investigation was accomplished, however that stated investigation had not exonerated Pincher, and that is a f*cking vital caveat!

Worse nonetheless for Johnson, this scandal comes of the again of one other, wherein Boris Johnson was discovered to have gotten a BJ from his then mistress, Carrie, whereas his spouse on the time was affected by most cancers. Some have urged that the information of Pincher was leaked by Johnson to distract from that scandal. In that case, it is backfired horribly for him.

The Tories have been filled with intercourse scandals up to now 6 months alone.

One MP needed to resign after he was caught watching porn in the home of commons.

A second, was suspended for sexual harassment and drug use.

A 3rd has been arrested on suspicion of rape.

A fourth was jailed for sexually assaulting a 15 yr previous boy.

That, mixed with dropping horrendously in a number of by-elections in a row, and horrible outcomes on the native elections, Boris Johnson has met the results of his personal actions.

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