Which type do you prefer in terms of looks?


Really, utilizing simply the pics you posted (and never the phrases), B can be my LAST alternative, since she has the least pure magnificence, prettiness, cuteness.

D is nice- she simply must do one thing totally different along with her hair so it is not all on one facet of her head. I’d go far as to say, with a brand new hairdo, and given an equal quantity of make-up as any of the others, she would look “the prettiest”, no matter meaning.

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C is good in a 1970’s – 1980’s kind of means. (ref Lipton-type, Mod Squad).

That leaves B – the “cute” gal- as my choice of the above 4. I assume I am type of caught with the time period “cute”- I am simply not terribly keen on it, the time period that’s.

“Cute” gals have a relaxed air about themselves- they don’t “placed on” airs. They’ve an excellent humorousness and know when to make use of it and when to not, since they’re sensible sufficient to comprehend that in nearly every bit of humor, somebody must be the butt of the joke.

“Cute” gals usually are not pompous: they’re comfy, “it looks as if I knew you my entire life” varieties. They usually smile, as anybody who has recognized me my entire life ought to. ;- )

“Cute” gals are comfy in a bridal robe, casuals, sweats, and even nothing, because the state of affairs dictates. And they’re sensible sufficient to know which state of affairs is which: some ladies simply do not.

“Cute” gals- since they’re comfy with themselves- lend a relaxed ease to others as properly. I might completely think about myself after a crappy day and taking my shower- after which seeing “A” on the couch, with a bowl of popcorn, able to cuddle up and watch reruns of “You’ve got Bought Mail”.

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