What Blood Type do you have (and is it a good one or a bad one)?


The extra helpful it may be as a donor and the extra uncommon it’s, the extra priceless the blood.
O- is the most valuable common human blood type.
O- is essentially the most priceless frequent human blood kind.
A+ and B+ are the two worst blood types. A+ is also common, making it even worse.
A+ and B+ are the 2 worst blood varieties. A+ can be frequent, making it even worse.
O- and A- is really good blood. A+ and B+ is useless garbage.
O- and A- is actually good blood. A+ and B+ is ineffective rubbish.

I used to check medical data rather a lot again once I wished to get into the sphere. It is a fairly outdated subject to me, however I assumed I would ask it on GAG.

Some blood is from sturdy, wholesome individuals and a few blood is from weak, unhealthy, genetically, unviable individuals. Have in mind, within the medical subject, “unfavorable” is often an excellent factor and “optimistic” is often a foul factor. You usually DON’T need positives with regards to well being, and blood isn’t any exception.

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O- is the very best form of blood there’s; common donors and straightforward to search out. O+ will not be almost nearly as good, nevertheless.

A+ is the worst form of blood on the market. Frequent however ineffective. This blood is not even value donating.

B+ can be fairly unhealthy too (as a recipient), however not less than it is uncommon and priceless. However solely AB+’s can in any other case use this nugatory blood.

What blood kind do you might have?

And do you might have good blood, or crappy, poor-genetics blood?

[Rh-null] 0.1% rarity, 100% priceless. There are lower than 50 individuals who have the golden Rh-null blood. It’s the strongest and greatest human blood in existence.

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