What attachment style do you have?


I used to be simply listening to a podcast named Kalyn’s espresso discuss (‘Love, Therapeutic and discovering the one’) and proper within the first 5 minutes she talked about her attachment model… I’ve by no means heard of attachment types, so i instantly googeld.

I found out that I am undoubtedly the Disorganized one…

Principally there are 4 types: (in brief)
1. Safe Attachment: Folks with a safe attachment model have empathy however can set boundaries. They’re glad of their shut relationships and really feel protected and secure.

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2. Anxious (or anxious-ambivalent in childhood) : Folks with anxious attachment are often needy. They’re anxious and have low shallowness. They wish to be shut with others however are afraid that folks don’t wish to be with them.

3. Avoidant (or dismissive additionally known as anxious-avoidant in childhood) : Folks with anxious-avoidant attachments are the alternative of needy. As an alternative of eager to be emotionally shut, they keep away from connecting with others. They could depend on themselves, crave freedom, and discover feelings to be tough.

4. Disorganized (additionally known as fearful-avoidant in childhood) : Folks with this attachment model don’t really feel they deserve love. They often have an intense concern which can come from childhood trauma, abuse, or neglect.

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