Vasectomy Increases Sexual Satisfaction


Contemplating a vasectomy? Let’s reply the query on all people’s thoughts: Will getting a vasectomy smash my intercourse life?

No! In actual fact, the alternative is often true: analysis reveals that males who get vasectomies report a better intercourse drive, extra highly effective orgasms, higher satisfaction with erections and intercourse, and extra frequent sexual encounters. (Engl, 2017; Guo, Lamberts, Eisenberg, 2015) Sounds too good to be true? Effectively, let’s get into the science and perceive why that is the case. 

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Earlier than we dive in, it’s vital to know: what is a vasectomy?  
A vasectomy is a type of male contraception that stops sperm from reaching your semen (the fluid that comes out of your penis throughout ejaculation). That is achieved by surgically chopping the vas deferens, the tube that mature sperm journey by way of to succeed in your urethra and exit the penis. Vasectomy is at the moment the one FDA-approved long-lasting contraception possibility for males. It’s indicated for males which can be now not concerned with fertility. At Maze we offer the no-scalpel no-needle vasectomy, which is superior to traditional vasectomies as a consequence of being sooner, safer, much less painful, and requiring no stitches or needles.

Why getting a vasectomy doesn’t decrease your intercourse drive (libido) or satisfaction:
An individual’s libido, which is their want to have interaction in sexual exercise of any variety, is a sophisticated assemble that’s depending on many physiological and psychological elements. A person’s libido can be low/ered as a consequence of hormonal abnormalities, altered mind chemistry, erection or ejaculation points, or temper or relationship points.

As a result of a vasectomy is a surgical quite than chemical process, a person’s hormones (together with testosterone, which is strongly linked to libido) usually are not affected by the process. Erectile and ejaculatory perform aren’t impaired as a result of solely the vas deferens is lower (versus nerve endings within the space), so there is no such thing as a decreased sensation or signaling throughout intercourse. On condition that sperm makes up solely 2-5% of the entire ejaculate quantity, most males can’t detect a distinction within the quantity, consistency, or look of their semen. 

This explains why the standard of a person’s intercourse life doesn’t worsen post-vasectomy. Why although, does it enhance so considerably? 

Whereas the analysis reveals that sexual satisfaction is larger and extra frequent for males with vasectomies, the research cite completely different explanations and responses from research individuals as to why.

For one, males do not need to fret about an unintentional being pregnant, which removes a big supply of tension. As a substitute of worrying about the place and when to ejaculate, calculating her final interval, and worrying about funds, males could be current and benefit from the bodily and emotional sensations concerned within the expertise. One other widespread response was that no male contraception (learn: condoms) was wanted, which allowed for elevated sensation (for some males) and for extra spontaneity in when {couples} can have intercourse.  Lastly, questionnaires and interviews of feminine companions confirmed that girls additionally report a better libido and satisfaction with intercourse. This was attributed to no fears of being pregnant, no requirement for hormonal contraception (which may decrease libido in girls – add hyperlink to girls’s crew), and appreciation that male companions tackle the burden of contraception. It is just pure that having a extra excited and enthusiastic associate improves sexual functioning and frequency in males. (Engl, 2017; Guo, Lamberts, Eisenberg, 2015, Mohammad Al-Ali et al., 2014) These are simply among the reported explanations for why sexual encounters had been extra fulfilling and extra frequent.

So… now what?
Selecting whether or not or to not have a vasectomy is a really private, very critical determination. It ought to contain immense self-reflection, a dialog along with your supplier, and a dialog along with your associate (you probably have one). In fact, given the important permanence of the process, your alternative for sterilization shouldn’t be depending on any sexual gratification, however quite in your want or lack thereof to take care of fertility. Nevertheless, if you’re a person that’s now not concerned with fertility, unfounded fears about worsened sexual perform shouldn’t be what stands in the best way of extra cautious, extra sure household planning. 

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