Spider veins: symptoms, causes, treatment, medicines


Spider veins could be identified by a common surgeon. It entails taking the affected person’s historical past and bodily examination. Investigations are normally not required.

Historical past taking: the physician (common surgeon) will ask in regards to the onset, location and variety of spider veins. Related elements similar to occupation, being pregnant historical past and hormonal historical past could also be requested.

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Examination: a visible inspection and palpation of the world of concern will assist affirm the prognosis. Factors of curiosity which can be famous embrace:

  • Areas of discolouration
  • Related swelling
  • Pores and skin modifications and thickening
  • Ulceration

Investigations: exams are normally not required since spider veins are a medical prognosis. Nonetheless, ultrasonography (USG) of the legs could be completed to rule out any underlying pathology, similar to blood clots or incompetent valves within the underlying veins.

Prognosis of spider veins is commonly easy. Nonetheless, ruling out the reason for spider veins is important to stop the development of the veins.

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