So, Boris johnson has resigned. Do you think he was the worst prime minister in history?


He was fairly horrible however not the worst in historical past. Similar as Blair actually.

By way of what precipitated his demise, I feel the primary downside was that he had someplace between completely no agenda after Brexit completed, and an agenda that was straight trash. As far as I can inform, his essential coverage positions submit Brexit had been to go all in on Internet Zero and the Inexperienced agenda and to have arbitrary enforcement of ridiculous energy with the Covid lockdowns.

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Provided that the primary factor that acquired him into energy within the first place (Brexit) was all about liberating individuals from management they didn’t need from Brussels, changing it with management they are not looking for from Westminster looks as if a reasonably horrible concept. I do not assume any of his doubtless replacements could have the stones to place collectively a successful agenda although, which might doubtless embrace among the following:

1) Deal with the shambles that’s the financial state of affairs: Do that by transferring AWAY from Internet Zero and the eco-tards and in the direction of producing copious, plentiful, low cost vitality. Frack, fuckers!

2) Management immigration. This does not imply being “racist” or xenophobic. It means having clear guidelines and implementing them. The EU is fucking with the UK in permitting an entire shitload of migrants to go into the UK through the Channel when the principles are they have to apply for asylum within the nation they FIRST landed in–which is never the UK. So ship them the fuck out.

3) Observe up on Brexit with a restoration of energy to people somewhat than a focus of it in Westminster. Open an inquiry into all of the MANY errors that had been made throughout Covid. Lockdowns ought to NEVER have occurred. Admit that. Guarantee it NEVER occurs once more. Get the FUCK out of individuals’s lives!

4) Talking of getting the fuck out of individuals’s lives, scrap the web security invoice and all different SEVERE limitations of civil liberties. And push again towards the wave of Woke-tardary that Boris lacked the stones to confront. If the Civil Service in Whitehall is attempting to frustrate that, sack them. An entire lot of individuals should be chucked out. This may even save the federal government cash.

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