Marrying into different culture, what comprises to make for the wedding?


I’m marrying somebody that has a distinct tradition than mine, or his household moderately, him and me are very related. His mom needs a ladies’s solely marriage ceremony in line with their tradition, I clearly don’t need that. I desire a small, easy and gender combined marriage ceremony. His mother and father are the one’s paying for the marriage, additionally in line with tradition.

The one resolution we’ve come to is to have two weddings, one in line with their tradition that they pay for and one in line with my tradition that my mother and father and me pays for.

However what annoys me is that we already had a engagement get together in line with their tradition the place they invited all of their individuals to that my dad payed large sums for. So I feel it’s unfair that we now must additionally pay for the marriage we wish, they need to at the least pitch in.
What do you guys assume?

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