Is denying asylum to refugees because you don’t have the resources immoral?


I would actually prefer to rack up some opinions on this. I am presently being referred to as a fascist as a result of I refuse to permit refugees in my jurisdiction, be they from Ukraine or Syria, or Afghanistan. It isn’t racism, it isn’t “patriotism”, we merely haven’t got the sources.

This summer season alone we have had two floodings and a forest fireplace that ate a hill and displaced eleven households. We have got subsequent to no sources to spare, and as a substitute of sending reliefs, the regional authorities heckles us to boost our refugee quota. I am from a leftwing social gathering, and but bought referred to as a xenophobe and a fascist for my refusals.

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I’ve individuals – my residents – residing in tents proper now. My deputy retains asking for prefab homes for the displaced, bought advised we will get them just for the refugees. I am pissed off to no finish. We hung two banners on our city corridor “This isn’t a focus camp” and “Hearth and water, we simply want an earthquake and the locusts” in protest and bought advised our administration shall be going through sanctions over this.

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