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So, you’ve heard about this magical historic observe that appears to multiply orgasms and naturally increase your libido – and also you need in.

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Or, perhaps, you’re extra within the notion which you could truly twist a penis within you utilizing solely your vagina, and now nothing will cease you in your quest to turn out to be the final word intercourse goddess.

Properly, you’re in luck.

On this article, we’ll break down what pompoir is, who it’s for, and how one can get began in your vaginal Olympic gymnast journey.


What is pompoir

Who can do pompoir

How to start training pompoir

The science behind how pompoir works

Pompoir exercises

Developing a pompoir training schedule

Pompoir breathing

Post-workout pelvic floor stretching

Applying pompoir during sex

Training tools to learn pompoir


First issues first.

What’s pompoir

Pompoir is the observe of using the vaginal muscle groups to create pleasurable sensations throughout intercourse. A few of these talents embrace squeezing, pulling, tilting, locking, pulsing, sucking, and twisting a penis, utilizing solely the vaginal muscle groups.

Girls who observe pompoir report enhanced libidos, elevated orgasm frequency, and a major increase in pleasure from intercourse.

Past a mindfulness observe, pompoir is extra akin to a body weight exercise, targeted in your pelvic flooring muscle groups. A exercise you should utilize to drastically enhance your intercourse life.

The truth is, listed below are a few of the science-backed advantages of extra fundamental pelvic flooring coaching regimens:

Who can do pompoir

Anybody with a vagina can do pompoir workouts! Some college students of the observe are of their 70s mastering advanced talents corresponding to wringing and whipping (who’s grandma is that this cool?) so age or variety of births doesn’t essentially deter your progress.  
Earlier than you start, it’s really helpful that you simply communicate together with your gynecologist earlier than beginning any type of pelvic flooring coaching, as some girls have what is called a hypertonic pelvic flooring. This implies the pelvic flooring muscle groups are overly tense and locked up, and there generally is a threat of harm if they’re clenched much more. 

The right way to begin coaching pompoir

Alright, let’s get to the principle query: how do I begin coaching pompoir?

We’ve outlined every part it’s essential to begin studying how one can do pompoir by yourself on this part, nevertheless when you’re the kind of person who prefers to observe a coaching course that guides you thru every step with a clearly mapped out route, be part of The Oh!lympus Program. This absolutely animated pompoir course teaches girls how one can grasp their pelvic flooring, together with over 27 vaginal methods, to extend their intercourse drive and intensify pleasure throughout penetration.

Now, earlier than studying how one can do pompoir, it’s necessary to have an understanding of the pelvic flooring anatomy and the science behind how pompoir works.

The science behind how pompoir works

Pompoir entails utilizing the pelvic flooring muscle groups (typically known as the vaginal muscle groups) in a manner that creates pleasurable sensations for you and your accomplice throughout intercourse.

Similar to every other muscle, your pelvic flooring can carry out completely different actions.

As an example this, let’s have a look at a distinct muscle – the bicep.

While you decide up a heavy bag of groceries, you’re shortening the biceps. And once you put it down, you’re lengthening them. However when you’re holding that bag of groceries in place (say for instance, when you’re ready for the cashier handy you the receipt) you’re activating the bicep’s stabilizing drive.

These three forms of contractions additionally work within the pelvic flooring, and it’s within the mixture of those motions that you simply’ll create completely different pompoir methods.

However that’s not all. For a muscle to develop and be extra useful (carry out a wider vary of actions higher) it wants enough stimulus.

And customarily, performing one single train is not going to be sufficient to offer this required stimulus.

Going again to our bicep instance, the bicep consists of two heads: the lengthy head, and the brief head.

Moreover, you’ve got the brachialis, which whereas it isn’t technically a part of the biceps, helps with flexing the forearm whereas performing useful actions corresponding to a bicep curl (or choosing up that grocery bag!).

So, to coach the biceps in an efficient manner, you’ll need to pick out workouts that concentrate on every of those heads and the brachialis successfully.

The identical is true for the pelvic flooring. Quite a lot of workouts will provide you with the well-rounded coaching it’s essential to grasp talents like pulsing, twisting, locking, milking, etcetera.

 Pompoir Exercises

And as soon as once more, that’s not all (muscle science by no means ends…). We additionally want to contemplate ideas corresponding to:

  • Quick-twitch muscle fibers vs slow-twitch muscle fibers
  • The three mechanisms of hypertrophy: metabolic stress, mechanical pressure, and muscle harm
  • Muscle SRA curve (Stimulus, Restoration, and Adaptation)
  • Power curves of particular workouts: completely different workouts will create a stronger contraction both firstly, center, or finish of the vary of movement

If that is beginning to sound a bit too science-heavy and never too attractive, don’t fear. You don’t have to know any of this to get began with pompoir.

Nonetheless, it’s good to know that you simply’ll be working by the three completely different planes of the vagina. 

How to do pompoir

The horizontal aircraft, also called the transverse aircraft, is the one which divides the physique into prime and backside.

When considering of the vagina on this manner, we are able to divide it into completely different vertical ranges that you should utilize independently from one another to stimulate completely different zones of the vagina and the penis.

Some pompoir talents that contain independently activating completely different vertical ranges of the vaginal canal are whipping, sucking, and milking. 

Pompoir breathing

The sagittal aircraft, also called the longitudinal aircraft, is the one which divides the physique into left and proper.

It is a useful visible, as a result of in additional superior practices of pompoir you’ll additionally discover ways to transfer and stimulate every of your vagina’s lateral partitions, independently.

Some pompoir talents that contain independently activating the left and proper aspect of the vaginal canal are tilting, twisting, and pulsing.

 Pompoir pelvic strengthening

Lastly, the frontal or coronal aircraft divides the physique into back and front.

A few of these workouts are extra intermediate/superior pompoir methods that contain manipulating the back and front partitions of the vagina, which embrace locking, rubbing, and controlling.

Alright – Physiology class dismissed.

It’s time to get sensible – how do you truly create a schedule to begin studying all these superb talents?

Pompoir workouts

Under are a mix of methods and workouts practiced within the pompoir course The Oh!lympus Program with fundamental directions to get you began. We may even be releasing extra guides on every particular train, so you’ve got a transparent step-by-step information, so keep tuned!

  • Robust Contraction: the main target right here is on performing a robust elevate together with your pelvic flooring muscle groups as when you have been holding in your pee, after which releasing. That is your fundamental Kegel, however with a give attention to energy.
  • Lengthy Contraction: the main target right here is on endurance and holding the contraction. To do that see when you can maintain a robust contraction for not less than 10 seconds. You’ll enhance over time, and the purpose is to take care of correct type all through the contraction, no matter how lengthy you’ll be able to maintain for.
  • Eccentric Contraction: it is a incredible method to shortly enhance power by specializing in the eccentric half (the “stress-free”) of the contraction. We borrow the precept of tempo coaching from the health group right here and apply it to vaginal coaching.
  • Speedy Contraction: training contractions by completely different tempos and rhythms is extraordinarily useful as a result of intercourse at all times follows various levels of pace and depth. So, the main target right here is on placing your muscle groups to work by completely different circumstances.
  • Milking: a correct pompoir method, this intercourse train not solely works the vagina by its full vary of movement by making you’re taking discover of every particular person stage going up and down, however it’ll additionally create an insanely pleasurable sensation throughout penetration.

As you’ll be able to see, the primary few workouts are very fundamental actions – nearly like Kegels, reimagined.

Breaking them up this fashion helps you progress twice as quick, since you’re specializing in completely different facets of the muscle groups.

That manner, when you get to Milking, you’re in a position to develop an understanding of the completely different ranges of your vaginal canal that in any other case wouldn’t be doable with no baseline of power.

And as soon as you are able to do that, you’ve taken an enormous step ahead in your pompoir journey. That is when actions like squeezing, tilting, pulsing, wringing, locking, juggling, and even twisting turn out to be rather more intuitive.

Some girls even want to cease right here. After you grasp these workouts from the transverse aircraft, intercourse will already really feel rather more fulfilling for you and your accomplice.

Creating a pompoir coaching schedule

Creating an optimum pompoir train plan goes to be depending on a number of components: how sturdy your pelvic flooring muscle groups are already, how acquainted you’re with fundamental Kegels, and the way a lot time you even have in your day.

Nonetheless, when you’re simply beginning out, we advocate a 3-day cut up, and half-hour of coaching every day. 5 minutes coming from post-workout stretching (extra on that under).

We’re going to be releasing extra particular articles on every coaching methodology as a part of this information, however here’s a fundamental schedule to get began: 


Pompoir training schedule

Originally, these three coaching kinds will probably be engaged on the vagina’s transverse aircraft.

This may enable you to to first establish and grasp the completely different vertical ranges of your vagina and get acquainted with sturdy, full, eccentric, and speedy contractions.

As a result of when you develop that management, you’ll be capable to transition to extra advanced pompoir methods in a a lot sooner method.

Mastering these contractions appears to be the candy spot the place you’ll in a short time discover a change in your intercourse life, whereas the progress might be a lot slower for extra advanced expertise.

So don’t be stunned if after only one or two weeks of following this schedule you discover that penetration feels so much extra intense, for each you and your accomplice.

Pompoir respiration

Correct pompoir respiration ought to observe some fundamental well being tips to be sure you align your pelvic diaphragm together with your thoracic diaphragm.

The important thing right here is to contract as you exhale, and never as you inhale. This is perhaps a bit counter-intuitive at first, however for these of you who’ve performed yoga or weight coaching previously, it’s the identical precept.

Take a mild breath by your nostril, and as you exhale, start the lively a part of the motion. Then, as you inhale once more, calm down.

For these workouts the place it’s essential to maintain a contraction, proceed respiration naturally by that clench – by no means holding your breath.

Put up-workout pelvic flooring stretching

As girls naturally maintain quite a lot of pressure of their pelvic flooring, it’s necessary to stretch to forestall this lively coaching from inflicting any type of cramping or spasticity.

To do that, take (not less than) 5 minutes after your pompoir observe to stretch your pelvic flooring. Utterly relax your pelvic floor muscles, placing an finish to the observe, and gently undertake the next positions:

  • Yogi squat
  • Sphinx pose
  • Blissful child pose
  • Youngster’s pose
  • Frog pose

Stretching may even assist with constructing power, as a result of it lengthens muscle tissue and will increase flexibility, which lets you carry out pompoir workouts by a larger vary of movement.

Making use of pompoir throughout intercourse

Now, you might be considering – what about intercourse? When do I apply these ideas within the bed room?

To that we are saying, everytime you need!

Typically, after simply two weeks of this newbie exercise, intercourse will already really feel much more pleasurable. And never solely penetration-wise. You may end up eager about intercourse extra typically, getting aroused sooner, and even your non-penetrative orgasms may really feel stronger too.

It would take a bit bit extra time or a bit bit much less, relying on the particular person.

Now, in terms of actively performing these intercourse workouts in mattress, some folks want coaching alone through the week, after which saving their pompoir-sex periods for the weekend the place they apply their expertise with their accomplice. Nonetheless, it’s your intercourse life, so do it everytime you really feel able to.

Coaching instruments to be taught pompoir

Listed here are some useful instruments and assets that will help you alongside your pompoir journey.

The Oh!lympus Program

The Oh!lympus Program is probably the most complete coaching course that exists in the present day! This fully-animated pompoir course is a 12-week program that brings out your internal intercourse goddess, instructing you how one can carry out each single vaginal method & remodeling your intercourse life. Filled with lovely step-by-step train animations, an exquisite group, PDF guides, and directions on how one can apply each single method throughout intercourse, that is your complete, medically-endorsed program to grasp pompoir. Save $100 and start The Oh!lympus Program now.

The Oh!lympus Program

Pompoir Ebook

The Pompoir Book is a digital useful resource based mostly off the e book, “The Effective Artwork of Pompoir” (see under), that provides on-line personal courses and one-on-one consultations that will help you grasp your pelvic flooring with pompoir methods. The net courses are $300 for a 3-hour lengthy session and the session is $100 for a 45-min session. This selection might profit these in search of a extra individualized path.

The Effective Artwork of Pompoir – The Final Information To Pelvic Health

The Fine Art of Pompoir is a e book devoted to studying the artwork of pompoir containing a breakdown of methods, a exercise plan, and descriptions. Whereas useful resource, if you’re extra visually inclined, this e book doesn’t comprise any illustrations or diaphragms about how one can carry out the workouts.

Kegel weights or balls

Should you’re having hassle with the newbie exercise outlined above, it may be helpful to buy a pelvic flooring coach like Kegel weights or Kegel balls.

In your non-training days (Tuesdays and Thursdays), put them within you for as much as 3 hours.

This may present some light resistance on your vaginal muscle groups, and hopefully speed up your strength-building course of.


Should you’re actually severe about mastering vaginal-Olympic-gymnast ranges of pompoir (whipping, wringing, pulsing, shaking, juggling, and twisting a penis to the purpose of excruciatingly pleasurable, next-level orgasms) then vibrators are your ally. Whereas any vibrator will work, we particularly advocate a bendable vibrator like Crescendo 2.

What makes Crescendo 2 so distinctive for the observe is the bendable element, which is able to present some insightful visible cues for advanced workouts, so that you perceive whether or not you’re twisting, pulling and many others. Crescendo 2’s focused vibrations can even enable you to establish the completely different areas of your vaginal canal

Some vibrators are pelvic flooring trainers that include biofeedback mechanisms, often smartphone apps, that lets you see what your pelvic flooring is doing. In additional excessive situations, corresponding to postpartum or pelvic flooring prolapse, these gadgets is perhaps helpful for individuals who want extra monitoring. Earlier than investing in any pelvic flooring coach, seek the advice of your physician to verify the system is not going to worsen or irritate any preexisting situation.


Pompoir is an unbelievable observe that empowers each girl and vulva-owner to have nice intercourse. So, what are you ready for? Change into unforgettable in mattress and watch your intercourse life skyrocket with pompoir. Who might say no to that? 

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