Guys: do you like women with piercings? if not, why?


So i get it that many ladies love piercings and so they suppose there are completely cool and attractive. So I’m not making an attempt to persuade anybody right here that feels that means that they’re flawed. However you might be asking for my private opinion so I’ll give it, however I’m not downing on anybody that need or loves their piercings.

Me personally I don’t look after the piercings. I simply don’t discover them engaging and I don’t like facial or tongue piercings within the least. I believe nostril piercings are off placing and significantly don’t look after them. But when I met somebody that I actually appreciated it will not cease me from courting her. I’d nonetheless date her, however sooner or later I’d let her know that I do not actually look after it and hope she would resolve on her personal to take it out.

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Tongue piercings are simply annoying to me. There may be actually this factor in your mouth on a regular basis, and its flashing silver or gold at me each time you speak. Them individuals with tongue piercing are inclined to develop this nervous behavior of rolling it round of their mouths, sucking on it on a regular basis when they don’t seem to be speaking or simply enjoying with it between their enamel or what ever. Then once you kiss with them, you’ll be able to really feel it and its not tender or pure, and it takes one thing away from the expertise for me.

Nipple piercings are the worst. Sexually they only get in the way in which, they snag on stuff like blankets throughout intercourse, and once you need to suck on a nipple your actually placing some piece of metallic in your mouth. And then you definitely received to watch out to not pull on it too laborious, when actually all you actually needed to do was suck on good pure tender and attractive nipple.

Ear or stomach button piecing aren’t so unhealthy they don’t hassle me. A girls with a pleasant abdomen and stomach button ring is definitely fairly attractive… but when you do not have the abdomen for it then its type of nasty. However once more I wish to nibble ears, so it relies on what number of and what sort of earrings you are sporting.

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