Does the war on boys and young men in public schools and colleges, benefit girls and women?


No it does not profit women and girls as a result of the elites need to create a society the place the strongest folks, sturdy and stoic males, are worn out, and nobody is left to withstand them or disobey. And this has been occurring since a minimum of the 12 months 2000, if not longer. I will not mince phrases with you simply since you’re 13 years previous, OP. You are clearly clever sufficient to deal with them.

Have you learnt what Lively Measures is? Yuri Bezmenov? He stated it takes an excellent 15-20 years to brainwash a complete technology into hating their nation and changing into weak and ineffective males. This was achieved by 2015. All of the Secure Area, Hug Field BS occurring in universities. And whereas it wasn’t the KGB/Russia making an attempt to destroy America, and by extension, your entire West, it was folks far worse than one Communist authorities, that function within the shadows. Effectively, Klaus Schwab USED to function within the shadows.

However yeah, the actual goal was males; ladies weren’t wanted to be focused as a result of in struggle, ladies are weak and may’t do something. Girls (whereas important for society) don’t constructed, keep, or shield society.

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They usually really gained an increasing number of targets since then below the bigotry of social justice/”wokeness.” First it was males. Then conservative white males. Then all white males. Then white folks on the whole. Then Asians on the whole. Then they even began attacking blacks and Hispanics who weren’t far-left/Progressive. Now, nearly everyone seems to be seen as “a Trump supporting Nazi.”

Hell, have a look at fashionable society. Now we have a bunch of ineffective, talentless, foul, uneducated, entitled, terrible ladies becoming a member of OnlyFans as quickly as they flip 18, after which pondering society ought to kiss their behinds and reward them for being ineffective c*m dumpsters to the world. They name it “feminine empowerment.” All of this, whereas MOST younger males below 40 are single and may’t discover a companion as a result of each lady thinks she’s a ten out of 10 and deserves a 25 12 months previous Elon Musk to worship her whereas she e-whores herself on the web.

And that is nothing new, both. There is a cause sluts are “slut shamed” (I do not even “slut disgrace;” I simply admit they are not good or helpful folks to society). It is as a result of they do not contribute to households. And something that hurts households, hurts the way forward for a tradition. That is the super-simple model of it.

Feminism is without doubt one of the most “poisonous” harmful, hateful, and nasty ideologies to ever exist (not as dangerous as Islam, however nonetheless nearly as hateful). You spend 12 years propping up third and fourth wave feminism, whereas shaming, harassing, MeToo’ing, and Canceling regular younger males for being regular younger males (versus being soyboys, cuckolds, and simps), and also you beat the masculinity out of a society.

These are males who ALREADY doubtless grew up with no father or sturdy function mannequin, me included. And now, you deliberately maintain them from larger schooling, from success, and from forming romantic attachments with first rate ladies as a result of it is now thought-about “sexual harassment or rape” to ask a girl out or name her fairly?

In the meantime, you are turning first rate younger ladies into ineffective sluts, whores, and c*m dumpsters below the guise of ‘feminine empowerment.” Then these ladies find yourself used and undesirable by the point they hit 35, bitching “the place have all the nice males gone” now that their seems to be have light, as if anybody however the largest simps and losers would desire a lady like that, who disrespected them and continues to be a horrible life companion.

However no, society says you are purported to be an excellent paypig, simp, loser, and beta male to horrible, disgusting, shameless ladies with no worth to society, anyway. Even simps and cucks on this web site are “nonetheless alive” in relation to self-emasculation.

This can be a lot to absorb, however the TL;DR is: They need to collapse society. The best solution to collapse one thing is to destroy its basis. So that they focused sturdy males and the nuclear household unit. And propped up indignant, bitter ladies, who’re unfit to run society. That’s the reason.

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