Do you think it’s okay for men to cry?


Uh… no. I do know you are feeling strongly about this and also you assume you are proper. However dividing this as a personality trait [flaw] between political get together traces is admittedly not a good suggestion. You’re invalidating what 1. girls and a couple of. progressives say, and there’s completely no method ahead, to bridge the widening hole between republicans and progressives, women and men, with an perspective like this. I do not even care what, precisely, you’re denying, however I, and others, might throw the identical actual methodology proper again at y’all. “We do not consider it. You say it, but it surely’s not true.” And that shuts down any affordable potential dialog and could be very insulting. Generally we (girls, ladies, progressives, no matter…) truly do say what we imply.

I requested a q about this as soon as and ~ 80% of pinks voted in the best way which you’d solely say is a lie, a entrance, hiding their deeper emotions on the matter. However the accompanying written feedback additionally assist the truth that females have extra to them than ‘rescue me and defend me’ syndrome. Most/many people need to love our males, and assist them (and the platonic ones too), and it is not simply lip service.

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Do not inform us what we “actually” assume. It is a slippery slope, and that door swings each methods.

You will not consider this, it will not change your thoughts, however you may learn it in the event you select.
Ladies, True or False: “I’ve lost attraction to a/my man I really cared about because he expressed vulnerability? ↗

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