Do you think Gen Z high schoolers have it easy compared to millennials and Gen X?


Not attempting to come back at your query, the gif is ok on it’s personal for it’s goal, however I do keep in mind that particular battle, and in that case, the child who bought punched was bullying a child who was legally blind or some form of pretty vital incapacity, and one other child stepped in and coldcocked him, haha.

Anyway…. exhausting to say, since I solely skilled my very own highschool life within the 90s. I suppose I’m Gen X, possibly bordering on hybrid Gen Xer/Millenial. In some senses, sure, I really feel like we weren’t being seemed out for as a lot and have been left to fend for ourselves extra socially. Getting bullied was extra thought-about “a part of rising up.” Adults would extra typically be like “properly, you’d higher get up for your self or it’s going to maintain taking place.” And, shit, academics might manhandle you too. One of many fights I bought into in center faculty, I wasn’t damage within the battle, I used to be really profitable, however I ended up probably the most damage as a result of the wooden store instructor who broke it up completely EARTHED me on the cafeteria ground, lmao, jacked up my elbow fairly good. My elementary faculty principal introduced a wiseass 4th grader into my 1st grade class on some “act like just a little child and you’ll go be with little youngsters” message, informed him to take a seat in a chair he dragged to the entrance of the category, the child nonetheless was like “make me”, and holy shit, he bought fuckin’ SPIKED, lmfao, like this man would’ve possibly caught a cost as of late, and CERTAINLY would’ve misplaced his job, however I PROMISE you, they’ve a plaque or some form of commemorative award in his identify in that college TODAY, I’d even guess a reasonable amount of cash on it, he was so highly-respected. Even in direction of the tip of highschool in like ‘96, I’m fairly positive I’m one of many final folks to get his hand slapped by a Catholic faculty nun, lmao. There was no ruler used such as you hear about, however she gave me an excellent crack along with her hand.

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So loads of issues, yeah, I really feel prefer it’s softened and it’s simpler. I can’t communicate for true millenials, however I do know folks extra round my age didn’t have the cyber bullying side to cope with. That’s form of a brand new improvement that’s most likely troublesome to handle. Additionally, simply the hyper-fascination with social media like Instagram, I might see how that places a lot added stress on already-self-conscious youngsters to look good and be engaging, have cool garments, have the looks of recognition, and many others. I’m positively glad I grew up after I did👍

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