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Do you feel uncomfortable if/ when people like you too quickly without really knowing you?


I’m probably not considering if it from the Angie they’re fakers. Let’s assume for arguments sake, they imagine they’re actually into you. So for me it’s simply too arbitrary. I do not know why you want me so I might do not know what it’s you imagine I’m and I’ve no means of understanding if there’s something in any respect substantial between us. Leaving out the signal if impulsivity of that particular person as nicely, my concern I feel Stems from the paradox of the state of affairs. I’m uncomfortable when I’ve no means of assessing an occasion I’m concerned in together with relations. Anybody else?

Bear in mind I’m not asking g about “ their potential pathology” simply in the way it may make you personally really feel uneasy in your individual life.

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Some folks simply connect fast and have a stable thought if who they’re and simply bc they like eoneobe readily it doesn’t imply they’re bonkers plus it’s hypothetical it’d simply be conjecture however what all of us do know is how we personally really feel about how stuff impacts us—-so I’m probably not asking about their supposed facet of the equation however yours 😊

No probably not in any respect

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I like folks shortly too so I adore it

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Do you are feeling uncomfortable if/ when folks such as you too shortly with out actually understanding you?

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