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Each particular person with a vulva has most likely puzzled sooner or later of their life “are you able to get pregnant from precum” amongst different questions, and but, precum is surrounded by mythology and misinformation. It’s a sticky matter with all of the slippery semantics and scientific jargon. Let’s break the topic down in a manner that is smart and solutions your most urgent questions and considerations about precum.

Let’s begin with the fundamentals, or the ABC’s of precum:

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What is precum?

Where does precum come from?

Do pre-ejaculate and semen come from the same place?

Is precum the same as semen?

Is there sperm in precum?

Can you get pregnant from precum?

Will I know if I released pre-ejaculate?

If I use the pull-out method, will it prevent pregnancy?

Is it normal to have precum?

What is the purpose of precum?

What is the average amount of precum?

Does precum mean a man or penis owner is really turned on?

Can you get an STD or STI from pre-ejaculate?


What’s precum?

Precum, also called pre-ejaculate, is a transparent fluid that comes out of the penis throughout sexual arousal or exercise, earlier than you ejaculate. To not be mistaken with semen, which is a white fluid that comes out of the penis throughout climax.


The place does precum come from?

Precum is produced by a gland referred to as The Cowper’s Glands, that are small pea-sized glands. The Cowper glands are positioned on the base of the penis and behind the urethra and hook up with the urethra by ducts. Each man and penis proprietor has two Cowper Glands of their reproductive organs. Precum leaves the physique via the urethra, which can also be how urine and semen exit the penis.


Do pre-ejaculate and semen come from the identical place?

Sure and no! Precum and semen are usually not made in the identical glands; precum is produced by the Cowper Glands, and semen is produced by the testicles. Nevertheless, precum and semen do depart the physique by the identical means – the urethra, a protracted tube that runs the size of male reproductive organs.


Is precum the identical as semen?

Precum just isn’t the identical as semen. Nevertheless, some caveats are essential to know.

Semen is the white-ish, sticky fluid that comes out of a penis throughout an orgasm. It’s roughly 5% sperm and other enzymes, proteins, and minerals secreted by the male reproductive organs. 

Precum is a transparent fluid that may be produced at any level throughout sexual arousal or exercise, whereas semen is made on the finish of sexual arousal, throughout climax or orgasm (although not all the time – dry orgasm is a factor).

Whereas pre-ejaculate isn’t the identical as semen, it does include a number of the similar compounds present in semen. 


Is there sperm in precum?

Certainly, it’s doable for precum to include sperm. Operative phrase: doable, not all the time.

However wait, I believed precum and semen had been completely different; how is that this doable? That is the place science and semantics get slippery! Pre-ejaculate is a mixture of fluids that depart the penis via the urethra. Whereas sperm just isn’t inherently a part of precum, when precum is on its journey up the urethra, it might probably choose up hint quantities of leftover semen. Semen is the fluid that carries sperm, so the place there’s semen, there’s a risk of sperm cells.

In a 2010 study, scientists reported that 37% of pre-ejaculatory fluid samples taken from males topics contained viable sperm. From the identical examine, scientists discovered that male topics both all the time had sperm of their pre-ejaculatory fluid or by no means. They concluded that some males usually leak sperm of their pre-ejaculatory fluid whereas others don’t. 



One other study made related discoveries and concluded that 16.7% of male topics had sperm of their pre-ejaculatory fluid.

To summarize: Although unlikely, sperm might be present in precum, in comparatively small quantities, and never all the time. It varies from individual to individual.


Are you able to get pregnant from precum?

Sure, it’s doable, whereas unlikely.

Sperm can exist in pre-ejaculatory fluid. Precum is an involuntary response to bodily capabilities; you possibly can’t management its launch. If you’re having unprotected intercourse, there’s a probability precum may enter the vagina. Nevertheless, the chances are small. There are extenuating components to think about, like whether or not you or your companion’s precum accommodates sperm, whether or not you or your companion are ovulating, and whether or not you or your companion have had back-to-back sexual encounters.

Some researchers consider hint quantities of semen can accumulate and linger within the urethra from back-to-back sexual encounters. Researchers advocate urinating after every sexual encounter to assist flush out any leftover semen, nonetheless this doesn’t assure that there will likely be no sperm left within the urethra.

Sperm can dwell within the physique for up to 5 days after sexual encounters. So, even for those who or your companion didn’t have intercourse whereas ovulating, sperm can nonetheless be current within the physique if the ovulation happens inside that 5-day window.

Whatever the chance, the reply is sure. 


Will I do know if I launched pre-ejaculate?

Some penis-owners will discover precum on the tip of their penis; different instances, it’s visually undetectable however can nonetheless be current. 


If I exploit the pull-out technique, will it forestall being pregnant?

Ah, the favored pull-out technique. Effectively, it really works till it doesn’t. In keeping with one study, the pull-out technique, or coitus interruptus, has a 20% failure charge. Sometimes, the pull-out technique is aimed toward eliminating semen from inflicting being pregnant. Nevertheless, since pre-ejaculate is involuntary, and it’d include sperm, it’s doable for precum to enter the vagina throughout intercourse and contribute to unintended being pregnant.

Ladies and vulva house owners who are usually not utilizing one other contraceptive technique and rely solely on the pull-out technique have an elevated probability of changing into pregnant. Experts agree there are simpler prevention choices than the pull-out technique. 


Is it regular to have precum?

Precum or semen are each regular penile secretions. When you or your companion have just a little drip throughout sexual arousal, that’s completely okay!


What’s the goal of precum?

Precum fluid leaves the physique via the identical technique as urine, which is acidic and might be dangerous to sperm. Precum is a fluid your physique produces to neutralize the acidity of urine within the urethra. Mainly, precum coats the pipes to provide sperm the perfect probability of survival. It additionally acts as a pure lubricant to arrange the penis for sexual activity, very like the vagina’s self-lubrication.


What’s the common quantity of precum?

It varies from individual to individual and scenario to scenario. Experts report a traditional vary is between a couple of drops to a teaspoon. When you or your companion secrete greater than that, it’s usually not a trigger for concern. Nevertheless, for those who or your companion are involved, seek the advice of your doctor.


Does precum imply a person or penis proprietor is de facto turned on?

Pre-ejaculate is an automated response to bodily capabilities; it’s produced when a penis is aroused. Whereas precum could be a sturdy indicator of sexual arousal, it isn’t the one metric to find out how aroused you are feeling. Many issues past physiology contribute to arousal and sexual want, equivalent to psychological, emotional, and environmental components.


Are you able to get an STD or STI from pre-ejaculate?

Sure. Precum can carry and transmit completely different micro organism and viruses, equivalent to STDs and STIs, together with HIV. Whereas the focus of viral hundreds is likely to be decrease in pre-ejaculate than semen, you possibly can nonetheless contract STDs or STIs from pre-ejaculate.

One of the best ways to keep away from a sexually transmittable illness is to make use of a protecting barrier, equivalent to a condom, and get examined usually as a part of protected intercourse practices. The pull-out technique won’t forestall the unfold of STDs and STIs present in precum.

Identical to that, we’re just a little wiser. We hope our precum ABC’s dispelled some mythology and cleared up some cussed misinformation. Keep protected and horny!

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