3 Reasons You Should Get an STI Test (and Where to Do It)


Every thing You Must Know About Getting Examined for STIs

We deal with sexually transmitted infections in another way from different infections. In case your good friend has a chilly, you say, “Oh, that sucks,” not, “Gross, you must have been extra cautious!” 

If there’s a virus going round, you get a pamphlet explaining what it’s and the way to not catch it — not shamed for being unclean. Quite than ready till they’re youngsters and telling them not to hang around with sure folks, we vaccinate kids to maintain them secure from sure ailments. 

However in many individuals’s minds, sexually transmitted infections — STIs for brief, and previously generally known as STDs — are completely different. Sadly, due to their affiliation with intercourse, they’re usually seen as a lot scarier and extra shameful. 

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Consequently, folks are likely to strategy their sexual well being in backwards or unproductive methods by being blissfully ignorant till it’s too late. That stated, defending your self from STIs isn’t tremendous advanced, and in contrast to different infections, there are low-cost and straightforward methods to search out out in case you’re affected. 

AskMen spoke with a handful of sexual well being specialists to get the information on what you should learn about STI assessments, from how they work to why they’re essential to why guys usually are likely to keep away from taking them.

What Is an STI Take a look at?

“A STI take a look at is completed to examine in case you have a sexually transmitted an infection, reminiscent of chlamydia, trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, HPV, HIV, herpes, or syphilis,” says Dr. Janet Brito, a intercourse therapist primarily based in Hawaii. 

Nonetheless, not all assessments are the identical. Relying on what you’re getting examined for, with many assessments checking for a number of infections directly, the take a look at might take a distinct type. Frequent methods to examine for STIs are “by way of a blood pattern, a swab, or a urine evaluation,” provides Brito.

Why Getting Examined Is Vital

For those who’ve by no means been examined earlier than, you may not be totally clear on why getting examined pretty often is essential. 

“In case you are sexually energetic, particularly if you’re partaking in unprotected sexual exercise, collaborating in excessive threat sexual habits (i.e have a number of companions), beginning a brand new relationship, noticing any signs (i.e. foul discharge, burning throughout urination, bumps, or sores round or on genital space, ache, itching, irritation), it’s best to get a STI take a look at to rule out any attainable infections and to keep away from any well being problems that will come up and that might be handled early on,” says Brito. 

“It’s also essential to get examined even whenever you wouldn’t have signs,” she provides, “as some STIs could also be asymptomatic” — that means you may not see the indicators till you’ve already handed it on to another person — or worse, a number of folks. 

Past simply treating signs as to additionally keep away from infecting different folks, understanding your STI standing is essential to make sure your STI doesn’t turn into one thing worse if untreated. 

“You will need to focus on your sexual well being practices along with your physician, particularly if you’re partaking in anal intercourse,” notes Brito. “An anal pap smear might help to display screen for HPV as nicely. Not receiving correct take care of STI signs might lead to extra sophisticated well being challenges, like infertility or most cancers.”

How Usually You Ought to Get Examined

As for the way usually you must get examined, there’s nobody single reply. 

It turns into extra essential in sure particular circumstances, notably in case you discover potential signs, and/or whenever you’re about to begin sleeping with a brand new companion. 

“The CDC guidelines about how usually to get examined are ambiguous as a result of there’s no magic bullet,” explains Lauren Weiniger, cofounder of an app known as SAFE, which permits customers to privately present their verified STI standing on their telephone and get examined. “It is dependent upon your way of life, and your threat tolerance. The rules differ from three to 6 months, however some folks select to get examined each two weeks.”

Why Some Guys Keep away from Getting Examined

Nonetheless, in case you’re most guys — notably straight guys, who usually have fewer companions than their queer counterparts — you’re probably not getting examined each two weeks. 

You may not be getting examined each three to 6 months, both. Actually, some guys have by no means gotten examined, no matter their sexual historical past. There are just a few the reason why that is perhaps the case. 

“Some guys might not get examined as a result of they have no idea to get examined (i.e. wouldn’t have sufficient complete intercourse schooling round the advantages of getting examined),” says Brito. They might additionally skip getting examined as a result of they “don’t have any signs that they’re conscious of.”

Maybe essentially the most urgent concern, nonetheless? Guys avoiding getting examined “as a consequence of stigma and disgrace round sexuality and the problem of STIs,” as Brito places it. “This fear might stop guys from getting examined and searching for assist.”

In an effort to assist fight that, demystifying STI assessments might be helpful — so preserve studying to search out out what they’re like, how they work and tips on how to get one finished. 

The Totally different Sorts of STI Exams, Defined

Whereas it is perhaps handy to take a take a look at that checks for all of the completely different STIs directly, no such take a look at exists (not but, no less than). 

In nations with common healthcare like Canada, the UK, Australia and others, syphilis assessments are usually lined in entire or largely. 

Nonetheless, in the US, you may want non-public insurance coverage as a way to pay for an STI take a look at, and relying on which insurance coverage you might have and the place you go to get examined, your STI take a look at might or might not be lined. For those who’re not sure, it’s greatest to look into it earlier than displaying up. 

That being stated, right here’s a breakdown of some widespread STIs and what it’s wish to get examined for them: 


Chlamydia is a bacterial an infection that usually presents no signs. Nonetheless, when it does, the outcomes will not be nice. 

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Males who come down with chlamydia signs usually expertise burning sensations after they urinate, testicle ache, scrotum swelling and even discharge a secretion from the penis. 

Fortunately, as soon as it’s recognized, it’s simply treatable with antibiotics. 

How the Chlamydia Take a look at Works

The take a look at for chlamydia is usually an evaluation of both a urine pattern or a swab of the genital space. 

How Lengthy It Takes to Get Outcomes

A typical period of time to get outcomes again for a chlamydia take a look at is 7 to 10 days. Usually, clinics will solely contact you in case you take a look at optimistic — that means in case you don’t hear again, you’re within the clear. 


Like chlamydia, most individuals with gonorrhea gained’t expertise signs. Nonetheless, when these signs do happen, they embody burning sensations, delicate or damaged pores and skin on the genitals and a milky-white discharge of pus. 

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Sure, the an infection is so named as a result of gonorrhea means “circulation of seed” in historical Greek — docs on the time mistook the discharge for semen. 

Gonorrhea can also be handled with antibiotics, however over time, some strains of the an infection have grow to be more and more immune to the medication. It’s led to a model known as “tremendous gonorrhea,” which is tougher, however not unattainable, to treatment. 

How the Gonorrhea Take a look at Works

Just like the chlamydia take a look at, the take a look at for gonorrhea is an evaluation of both a urine pattern or a swab of the genital space. 

How Lengthy It Takes to Get Outcomes

Like chlamydia, gonorrhea assessments usually take 7 to 10 days to listen to again, and once more, in case you take a look at destructive, you might not be contacted in any respect. 


HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is essentially the most critical illness that’s sexually transmitted, as it might morph into AIDS, a illness that has traditionally been fairly lethal. 

Though current medical advances, reminiscent of the event of PReP remedies, have made HIV a lot much less more likely to have deadly penalties, understanding your HIV standing remains to be of paramount significance. 

How the HIV Take a look at Works

HIV assessments are finished on a blood pattern, that means both a syringe can be used to attract some blood out of your arm, or a finger prick can be carried out. 

How Lengthy It Takes to Get Outcomes

Some facilities provide speedy HIV take a look at outcomes, the place you possibly can uncover your lead to a matter of minutes. Nonetheless, taking a standard HIV take a look at might imply it’ll take days to weeks to get outcomes. 


There are two several types of herpes: HSV-1 and HSV-2, which might each produce sores across the mouth and genitals — sores that themselves are infectious. 

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Herpes also can depart you with a rash within the genital area, in addition to an disagreeable fever. T in the mean time, however it may be handled utilizing antiviral drugs. If left untreated, nonetheless, herpes can have critical results on varied different elements of the physique, so taking it severely is vastly essential. 

How the Herpes Take a look at Works

The take a look at for herpes differs relying on whether or not you’re presenting signs or not. If no signs are current, a blood take a look at is completed. If there are signs, along with the blood take a look at, you’ll get a swab of the affected space finished. 

How Lengthy It Takes to Get Outcomes

Relying on the kind of take a look at, it might take between 1 and 14 days to get outcomes from a herpes take a look at. 


Syphilis is a bacterial an infection that may have devastating well being penalties if left untreated. 

After the primary stage — painless sores seem on or across the genitals however then recede — folks with syphilis will start experiencing an infectious pores and skin rash, intense chilly signs and even hair loss.

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If it’s nonetheless left untreated, the third stage of syphilis includes the illness spreading to varied different elements of the physique, together with the mind, the place it might trigger critical and wide-ranging injury. Nonetheless, if syphilis is handled earlier than it begins to progress to the second stage, it’s comparatively straightforward to treatment, usually requiring only a single shot of penicillin. 

How the Syphilis Take a look at Works

A syphilis take a look at is completed utilizing both a blood pattern or a pattern of fluid from a syphilis sore, if signs are current. 

How Lengthy It Takes to Get Outcomes

Getting your syphilis take a look at outcomes again can take between three and 5 days.


HPV, which stands for human papillomavirus, is a quite common virus; nearly 80 million people are at the moment contaminated in the US. Actually, HPV is so widespread that just about all women and men get it sooner or later of their lives. 

More often than not, the virus goes away by itself, however some strains of HPV can result in cervical most cancers if not discovered and handled.

“You might presumably be carrying a cancer-causing pressure with out understanding it,” says Engle. “There is not a lot you are able to do apart from use condoms and remember and educated about sexual well being and wellness.”

How the HPV Take a look at Works

There’s at the moment no take a look at for males who’re HPV-positive and don’t present signs (which is the overwhelming majority of males).

How Lengthy It Takes to Get Outcomes

With no present take a look at for males, there’s no manner of understanding. Nonetheless, if a feminine companion you’ve had unprotected intercourse with will get examined for HPV — a reasonably good marker of whether or not you might have it — that will take one to a few weeks.

Learn how to Discover Out Your STI Standing

Discovering a Close by Testing Location

Going into an pressing care with out insurance coverage can depart you with a invoice of over $1,000. That’s why it’s obligatory to search out sexual well being clinics that provide free care to people with out insurance coverage or settle for insurance coverage with just a little to zero copay.

“The very best recommendation I may give is to Google native free clinics within the space and at all times examine for the closest Deliberate Parenthood,” says Gigi Engle, an authorized intercourse coach and medical sexologist.

(For those who stay in the US, you possibly can head on over to the Planned Parenthood locator to search out the closest location to you.)

“At a free clinic you possibly can count on to be seen by a nurse practitioner. They’ll take a blood pattern and take a look at for HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and generally Hepatitis B. They don’t take a look at for herpes except they count on an an infection, that means that you simply’re having an outbreak.”

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“You too can speak to your major care doctor, and don’t be afraid to inform them what’s happening. For those who really feel like you possibly can’t comfortably focus on medical points along with your physician, discover a new one. You need to at all times really feel secure,” Engle added.

The Safe app is but another choice. The app privately reveals your verified STI standing in your telephone, and in addition hyperlinks customers to testing facilities. “With the app, you possibly can skip the physician and guide testing instantly at over 30,000 labs throughout the U.S., often the identical day and in below quarter-hour. It’s solely $99 out of pocket, or you need to use your insurance coverage to cowl the associated fee,” says Weiniger.

Utilizing At-Dwelling STI Take a look at Kits

For those who’re in a state of affairs the place going to a close-by clinic isn’t a handy, possible or out there choice, you may also make use of the burgeoning at-home STI take a look at equipment business. 

As with so many industries at the moment, STI assessments are one thing you possibly can have delivered to your entrance door — however are they nearly as good as getting examined by knowledgeable? No less than in the meanwhile, most likely not, partially as a result of the tactic at-home kits use (urine evaluation) isn’t essentially the most correct when in comparison with getting your blood work finished. 

As nicely, in case you’re already experiencing STI signs, you must converse with a physician about them anyway, so taking an at-home take a look at may not be essentially the most helpful strategy. 

That being stated, in case you’re symptom-free, not partaking in high-risk sexual habits and simply need a fast, comparatively correct checkup, an at-home STI take a look at equipment isn’t a horrible thought.

To search out out the most effective at-home STI take a look at equipment for you, you possibly can take a look at AskMen’s checklist of them beneath: 

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When to Get an STI Take a look at Executed

1. If You Don’t Plan on Utilizing Condoms With Your Accomplice

After a interval of courting, it’s not that unusual for these in a monogamous relationship to determine that condoms aren’t obligatory anymore. Previous to having unprotected intercourse, it’s extremely really helpful to get examined to make sure that each you and your companion are destructive for all STIs — even in case you really feel fully wholesome.

“Many STIs have a latency interval,” warns Weiniger. Which means, it might take as long as six weeks following intercourse to indicate up optimistic for a sexually transmitted an infection reminiscent of syphilis. “An STI take a look at is a snapshot in time, so whereas somebody might have examined destructive just a few weeks in the past, there’s no assure they haven’t been uncovered or they weren’t already uncovered since that take a look at was legitimate.”

That’s why it’s really helpful to proceed using protection for 2 months following the final time you had intercourse with one other individual. After eight weeks, the assessments for all STIs would be the most correct.

2. If You or Your Accomplice Discover Any Bodily Adjustments

For those who begin to see some unpleasant sores, expertise ache urinating, or start releasing discharge, it’s undoubtedly time to get examined. 

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Flu-like signs, together with a excessive fever and swollen lymph nodes, might additionally point out that you simply not too long ago contracted a virus (presumably HIV or herpes). For those who’re experiencing any of those signs, you must cease having intercourse and wait till your outcomes return earlier than having intercourse once more.

Whereas males are significantly more likely than ladies to indicate signs after buying an STI, “STIs could be asymptotic and never simply in ladies,” clarifies Ben Davis, MD, an attending doctor at Massachusetts Normal Hospital’s Sexual Well being Clinic. 

He provides, “Males are generally asymptotic within the throat and rectum,” which is why it’s obligatory for males, particularly males who’ve intercourse with different males, to have each oral and rectal swabs accomplished when examined.

3. If Considered one of You Has Cheated

If both of you might be having unprotected intercourse with somebody outdoors of the connection, getting examined is essential — even in case you didn’t go “all the way in which.” Gonorrhea, chlamydia, and HSV-2 (genital herpes) can nonetheless be handed if oral intercourse is carried out.

Even in case you used a condom whenever you cheated, it nonetheless is perhaps a good suggestion to go in a get examined, simply in case.

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“Since condoms do stop most STIs, I’m undecided I agree that routine STI testing is indicated after intercourse with condoms [after cheating],” Davis says. 

“Then again, penetrative intercourse shouldn’t be the one approach to get STIs. You will get it from oral, together with rimming. Additionally, STIs could be unfold by pores and skin to pores and skin — HPV and HSV, to call two widespread ones. So I’d need to say I most likely agree it’s a good suggestion to get examined after dishonest with a condom, however I need to strongly make the purpose that condoms do defend towards most STIs.”

with further reporting by Zachary Zane

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